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In this day and age, Technology has been a crucial factor for businesses to deliver its services. We at Omnixient aims not only to help you with this, but to also exceed your expectation. Omnixient solutions has been formed in a concept that technology needs not to be expensive but still should produce great results. It has been our goal to provide our clients and partners only the best service, support and up to date solutions together with seamless deployments.

What we do


Having a business in today's age has always been a gamble. Competitors intend to leverage the technology in order to have a first foot forward over others. We at Omnixient understands this and can help you put your brand ahead and on top of your competitors.

An expert in Digital Marketing, Omnixient Global Solutions offers services to push your brand to targeted customers by via mobile, PC, Slates and even gaming consoles to promote your business.

On the other hand, our company also utilizes the responses to web searches, emails, SMS, blogs and even streamed media, in which we regard as a pull digital marketing.

We believe that in today's state of business, you will need a partner which you can rely on, and that is where our company can help you in your journey to be on the top of your industry.


Data has always been the differentiating factor between a good organization vs a GREAT one. Omnixient Global Solutions value this as part of our portfolio services. We don't stop by just by getting the server up, have the database and application communicate with each other, we adapt that solution to our client's needs to have a say in the market and have their customers in mind when using the said solution.

We offer back end solutions implementation for your needs such as mobile application, back end for your enterprise front end application and web APIs development.


The technology we use today is very robust and extensive, providing us all the data we need, when we want it, where we want it. But in can also be tedious, misleading and incompatible if not done correctly. Our cross platform application services handles these constraints and helps our clients access the correct data on their preferred platforms, limiting costs of upgrades and compatibility issues.

We ensure that data cannot be compromised and accessed thru different channels of technology platforms whether it’s proprietary software, open source or even legacies. Trust that Omnixient Global Solutions will provide the needed integrations without the pain of incompatibility and geographical or technical boundaries.

How we do it

App Development

There has always been debates on how to develop an application correctly, as per standards or what depending on the architectural model. Although this has been proven, what sets Omnixient Global Solutions apart from other App development provider is that we understand that our clients is in the position to be the market leader in their industry.

Creative Idea

Formulating ideas to solve a problem or to innovate has always been essential to make an organization strive and be the leader of its industry. It’s a part of the consistent evolution to be ahead of the competition.

Awesome Support

Once an application or a solution has been deployed, it doesn’t stop there, it is only just the beginning. We at Omnixient Global Solutions expects this, and are fully set to provide you support services that can drive your business' daily operations into a breeze, in order for you to focus on the other essential things such as "how to grow it".

Brand Design

Branding is the top concept that will make a company or organization stand out and illustrate its goals and identity to its intended clients. Omnixient Global Solutions works hand in hand with our clients to understand and propose branding that embodies the ideals, identity and its mission.

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We work closely with our clients, it’s them, not us who are the architects. We value and put their inputs on top in order to commit to the expectations, but suggests correct approaches and patterns.

Planning and having the correct foundation when building an application, brand or idea always is our mantra. We believe that planning ahead lessens re-work and does assumptions to cover for potential problems.

Correct technologies and approach, when and where it is needed. We don’t leverage technology just for the show of it, we adapt this based on practicality, need and business case.

Quality should not be expensive or compromised. Promoting quality is the heart and soul of Omnixient and we take it seriously.

Development is not the end point, but just the start. We take application support to the next level by applying industry compliant standards and approaches. We can support you anytime, anywhere regardless of location and technology boundaries.

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